Planning A Pandemic Wedding!

February 26, 2021

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The Ice is Melting!

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Slowing down has been the name of the game since March 2020.  This concept has given a new meaning to the wedding industry. Wedding planning takes months to years of preparation and organizing. Most of our wedding plans, for brides and grooms, as well as wedding vendors, have been delayed at best.  It’s a scary time, that’s for sure.  But as my good friend David Jacovino yelps every morning, “The ice is melting!” It is.  The ice storm we’ve been in all of 2020 is finally melting.  As more of us get vaccinated and the numbers keep going in the right direction, life will soon take a whole new meaning.  So, let’s get back into planning your wedding!  As we move into 2021 with the pandemic still on full blast, wedding planning is done differently today than it was pre-Covid. Always so much to take into consideration when planning a wedding, but there is more to consider now.  How many people should we invite?  Should we plan our wedding outdoors?  Maybe we should plan an intimate destination wedding…

Plan your wedding despite the Pandemic

In my years of working with brides and grooms, the biggest take away when planning a wedding is that your happiness is what’s most important. That’s the whole truth right there.  When you and your couple are happy, everyone who shares this joyous day with you will feel and share the happiness with you. As this past year has showed us to slow down, feeling the warmth of happiness on your special day is priceless. Weddings, for many have become extravagant events where we blow our life savings for one party.  The pandemic has showed us how valuable intimacy with our loved ones can be and you may be reconsidering that extravagant wedding. While you plan your wedding, reflect on what the pandemic has taught you. How it has taught us to appreciate those special moments with loved ones and to be thankful of all that life has granted us.

Which venue to choose during Pandemic?

In the Chicago land area, small and specifically outdoor venues are being booked around the clock.  There’s simply not enough venues in this area to satisfy the demand. So what to do?  Many are planning their weddings out of town.  Whether this be on the beach in Mexico, or looking for barns in Wisconsin, the search broadens, but the key is to incorporate the intimacy the pandemic has taught us. Adapting the pandemic lifestyle to your wedding is what will help your wedding day be unforgettable.

Remember, “The ice is melting!”. With a promising future ahead, enjoy every moment of your wedding planning!

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