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March 5, 2021

Choosing your Chicago Wedding Venue

Best Chicago Wedding Venues and Engagement Photography locations

Current Trends for Chicago Weddings & Suburbs

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So you’re planning a wedding in Chicago, and the search to find wedding locations may seem like an overwhelming choice when there are so many options. As mind boggling this decision can be, know that your dream wedding venue is out there, waiting to be found by you. So where to begin?

When should my Chicago Wedding be?

This is always a very relevant question when planning your wedding in the Chicago land area. If you are from Chicago, you know that weather is beyond unpredictable. There are never any guarantees. Summer weddings are big in Chicago. This is the time of year, we as Chicagoans are always most excited for. Whether you’re planning on a city venue, or out in the burbs, summer time offers benefits other seasons do not. It is a good time of year to plan for an outdoor venue, if you can handle the heat. Spring and Fall are my personal favorite times to photograph a wedding. The weather is usually best for outdoor photos, and most comfortable for men in tuxes and women in makeup. All that being said, there are so many indoor venues that we can plan our wedding at any time of year.

Who will make the guest list to my wedding?

Besides scheduling, the question of guest count is arguably equally as important, especially these days. The days of 200+ guest list might be on hold for some time, which opens a world of new options when it comes to venues. Most of the popular wedding venues are prepped for your large guest list. But due to the Pandemic, the trend is smaller guest lists, which broadens our venue options. Venues such as Loft on Lake, or Loft Lucia have become popular options for smaller weddings. Chez is able to host a variety of wedding sizes, and is always an excellent choice. One of my favorite wedding venues is Salvage One. Although this venue is able to host a 300+ guest list, they are able to alter their space to host a more cozy wedding. Another gem in Lincoln Park is A New Leaf. This is a small wedding venue attached to my favorite flower shop in the city. A must see!

City or Suburban wedding?

The city has a plethora of venue options, but the Chicago suburbs compete in this category as well. We typically think of traditional banquet halls when we think suburban wedding. But when you start to do a little research, you’ll see that the suburbs offer other benefits besides free parking and minimal traffic. The Armour House in Lake Forest is a suburban staple when it comes to weddings. This charming historical property hosts weddings of all sizes, and the photo opportunities on the grounds are endless. Elawa Farm in Lake Forest is breathtaking. They have options for indoor and/or outdoor. If you have something truly petite in mind, and have always dreamed of beach wedding, the Chicago burbs have something for you. Highland Park’s Rosewood Beach has a precious indoor spot right on the beach. The entire facility is walled with glass and the view is enchanting Lake Michigan. This is a venue comfy for a guest list of about 40-50 ppl.

The Importance of your Wedding Photographer

As biased as my opinion might be, your photographer should be your second vendor you hire, first being your venue. The photos from your wedding day should be a precious reminder of the magic that took place when you said “i do.” I always focus on authentic emotion and interactions when shooting a wedding. These days, when the guest lists are not as overwhelming, the moods are more chill. I see that brides and grooms, as well as their families are at ease when the day is not about greeting and entertaining a small festival of guests. We can now focus on the details and truly enjoy them. Your wedding day slows down a bit. Which is a very good thing. Remember to enjoy your wedding planning, and plan to enjoy your wedding day!

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