What we use
Miroslaw Pomian and his team always work will the most up to date cameras and lighting available.
Leica Cameras are rarely used for wedding photography but Miroslaw Pomian is a huge fan of the cameras and lenses they create.
He and his crew also use Canon DSLR cameras which are superior to mirrorless in low light conditions.
Both Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are always in the bag.
All the cameras are used by him and his crew are full frame and every shot taken is in RAW format, for maximum optimization and enhancement in post-production.
Profoto Studio Lighting Co. is the lighting used for all weddings, headshots etc. There is no other lighting company that compares to Profoto. They are the most consistent and powerful lighting and appropriate for every session.
Technology is changing rapidly. It is important that your photography needs are met with the highest available technology.
Technology is very important, and the ability and understanding on how to use it is as well. All of Miroslaw Pomian’s team are professional photographers and lighting experts.